Hi, I'm Technoguyfication

And this is my place on the internet.

I'm a gamer, programmer, and many other things.
This is the place where I put my links to stuff. You'll find downloads, demos, and all kinds of cool stuff here. If you're looking for my code projects, you can find those on my Github.

Things I Can Do

Because skills are cool.
If you're interested in doing a project with me, shoot me an email. Links are on the sidebar

  • Write all the code
  • Drink all the coffee
  • Manage all the game servers
  • Build all the computers

A Few Accomplishments

Things I am currently doing or have done.
These things usually include one or multiple of the skills above

Made a backup client

Baackup is the all-in-one backup solution for Minecraft servers.

Created a game about Canada

It's a text-based adventure about a man who must defeat enemies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Currently being recoded, there's not much there, but since it's on GitHub, I'll count it as an accomplishment.

Downloads, Demos, and more!

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Beware, some of it may be in extreme beta and very broken.

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